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You are friendly, intellectual, communicative and have a great outlook on life. By nature, you are joyful and see the positive side of things. Your positive attitude spreads to those around you creating a relaxed and happy atmosphere.


Sterling Silver Meditation Ring with butterfly pattern design with one 9KT plaque Yellow and one 9KT plaque Rose Gold spinning bands.

Ring Width - 11mm - Includes complimentary MeditationRings travel pouch.

All MeditationRings are made from .925 Nickel free Sterling Silver. Many of our MeditationRings come with solid Gold bands or Plaque Gold bands/edges. If a product description says Plaque Gold then the technique utilized is when a sheet of gold is soldered on-top of .925 Sterling Silver. Plaque Gold is a very thick layer of gold that will not rub off with the spinning of your MeditationRing.