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People often describe you as a gentle and thoughtful individual. You always have others interest at heart which is what makes you such a cherished person. At times you tend to put your own needs and wants on hold for the people you care about. Take a moment every day to reflect on your own well being and nurture yourself.


Sterling Silver Meditation Ring with one thick 9KT Solid Yellow Gold spinning band and scalloped edges.

Ring Width - 10 mm - Includes complimentary MeditationRings travel pouch.

Also known as spinning rings, spinner rings, or worry rings.

All MeditationRings are made from .925 Nickel free Sterling Silver. Many of our MeditationRings come with solid Gold bands or Plaque Gold bands/edges. If a product description says Plaque Gold then the technique utilized is when a sheet of gold is soldered on-top of .925 Sterling Silver. Plaque Gold is a very thick layer of gold that will not rub off with the spinning of your MeditationRing. 


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