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Sandalwood Bath & Beard Grooming Set


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Give the men in your life a masculine spa treatment they can enjoy without leaving the comfort of their bathroom man cave. The lovery 14 piece sandalwood bath gift set includes everything a guy needs to pamper himself while no one is watching. From shower gel to mud mask & massage soap, this deluxe set has everything in it to let guys indulge in seriously soothing self care.

14 piece set includes:

shower gel
bubble bath
mud mask
body scrub
jojoba oil
steamer tablet
bath salt
massage soap
handmade basket

benefits and features:

Sandalwood has a calming and relaxing effects
full 14 piece set contains an assortment of lush bath accessories
smartly wrapped and packaged for a polished presentation
includes brush, tweezer and comb for a groomed look
purely sourced ingredients, clearly displayed on packaging
formulated with shea butter & vit e. To moisturize & protect
100% paraben and creulty free

masculine bath gift set

This ultimate male self care gift bundle has everything needed to enjoy a deeply relaxing soak, followed by a spa-worthy mud mask & jojoba oil to complete the skin-nourishing experience. Every premium item in the set is jam-packed with skincare benefits. Leave the hustle & bustle of busy life behind with this extraordinary bath gift set.

revitalize with sandalwood

The calming aroma of sandalwood helps relax and alleviate anxiety, while at the same time enhancing mental alertness. This occurs by deactivating behavioral responses (delivering a calming effect) while activating a physiological response (as measured by blood pressure, heart rat

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